Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 4.175: ...and the Fourth of July

There is a pervasive joke in a variety of places in the US that consider their winters to be long and harsh that there are only two seasons, winter and the Fourth of July.

Certainly summer has sneaked up on us a little this year - with a wet and dreary spring giving way to summer just when we were so busy. So it was good to have a reminder that we should enjoy the weather while it lasts.

Today was a perfect day to be by the pool, so that's where we spent a good chunk of it. I celebrated the independence of my home nation from my home nation (you read the two 'home's differently right?!) by watching my children get sprayed in the eye and have buckets of water dumped on them from a great height and even doing some swimming.

It was great. Happy Fourth of July to one and all - even my UK readers (can't be sore losers can we?).

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