Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 4.197: Fragile creatures

It's been frustratingly quiet at the hummingbird feeder for a while. When we first put it up we had lots of visits - mostly around dusk when it was impossible to get a decent picture. More recently they deserted it for the flowers that are blooming just beyond. Then, at the weekend they started being seen at it again and I finally got set up to get a picture. Once again I'm stunned by how tiny these birds are.

Yesterday's news about Amy Winehouse's death has been on my mind today. I was slow to appreciate her talent - seeing a tabloid mess more than a musical tour-de-force before we moved out here. A few years ago, however, we saw her performing live on TV out here and I was completely captivated. Back to Black is her at her sassy and vulnerable best in my opinion. If you don't mind a profanity and a slang drug reference I recommend this version but here it is in its US radio-friendly version.

I only say goodbye with words.


  1. Sorry to anyone who was going to comment on the accidental AC/DC reference - I've removed it but you can always re-live this one.

  2. I'll thank you for not reminding people of my unfortunately affliction...;-)



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