Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 4.194: Go!

So what to do when it's Saturday and it's like this*:


Well, we decided to go! and find some indoor activities.

Some time ago we went a couple of times to an indoor play place in Glens Falls called Explore! Sadly our visits and blog-plugs were not enough to keep it going but the last time we went they had a small exhibit from the World Awareness Childrens' Museum which they said were currently homeless but hoping to open again soon just down the street - and indeed they have.

They call their interactive exhibition space "go!" and it is a small but wonderful museum packed with things that have the potential to open up an interest in the world beyond the immediate experience of upstate New York kids.

This is what we got up to:

 Planning our next trip:

 Trying on some Indian clothes:

Getting a taste of Japan (not sure why but you may need to click for the full effect):

Marvelling at the huge wedding kimono:

Worrying about the tiny Chinese foot-binding shoes:

Loving art made by children from around the world:

And some dancing:

As well as drumming, rowing a dragon boat, designing money, wondering at the candy with worms and ants embedded in it, buying and cooking dinner in an African village, some shadow puppetry and making friends with a very cute little toddler.

It was well worth the hour's drive!

* This was taken today but the real air temperature probably peaked at around 95°F - quite hot enough!

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