Sunday, July 10, 2011

Day 4.181: Tangle-free

We finally gave Exile #3 her birthday present today - she had her ears pierced. We decided doing it before we went camping was not the best idea and since then we seem to have been crazy-busy.

Although it was a birthday present, it came with a condition - she had to stop twiddling and tangling her hair. Honestly, I thought she would fail and we would be able to put off this rite-of-passage for several years - but she managed it and has been tangle-free for several months.

Of course, no sooner had Exile #4 heard about this birthday present than she started making plans about her 9th birthday. However, today - after hearing from her sister how painful it was - she was scaling back her ambitions, "I think I'll get my ears pierced when I'm 19 or 20!" That sounds about right!

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