Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 4.196: Third culture

On of my facebook friends who lives in Nicaragua wrote this from the UK yesterday:

We've been talking about our trip 'home' for the last few weeks, now we are here, we are talking about when we go back 'home'

I know that feeling - I'm sure we will have exactly those conversations in both places as we prepare for and journey back to the UK next month. She went on to suggest that they were suffering from 'third culture' shock". I had to look it up.

Today I got a hint that Exile #3 may indeed be a TCK. First I discovered this on the fridge - she called it a 'crazy Union Jack'*!

Then she went and fetched the new swimsuit she chose today.


* And yes, thank you to all as pedantic as me - I know it is actually a 'crazy Union Flag'!

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