Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 4.272: Wild temperature swings

No great revelation of photographs from our camping trip, but at least I can edit my post this evening - rather than just emailing it in and then finding it has ditched most of my text because it couldn't work out how to paginate a very-long-hyphenated-phrase - so that's good.

Our camping adventure featured some fairly huge temperature variations. From sitting around the fire for much-needed warmth at dusk and dawn (and shivering in bed in between in lots of layers),

to roasting on top of a mountain just a few hours after dawn.

I capped the hot-weather experience off by running the lawn mower round the yard when we arrived home in the early afternoon - about half grass-cutting and half leaf-gathering - all hot-work.

More details on our adventure to come, but we are home and had a good evening with our friends at our church gathering and are appreciating that tomorrow is a holiday so we can get going slowly.

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