Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 4.274: Road vs Way

In the UK, we call it a railway, here it's a railroad - except when it's a railway. On Saturday, our main aim was to ride the Berkshire (yes the first syllable rhymes with "work" not "lark" here) Scenic Railway. Well, it is New England over that side of the border - so maybe that explains it - or maybe not.

Well, whatever your views on Road vs Way (or any other supreme court ruling), it is safe to say that it was fun and scenic as you can hopefully see.

The round-trip between Lenox and Stockbridge via Lee travels along the Housatonic River, crossing it three times in each direction and there are plenty of things for the commentator to point out along the way, but for the kids the excitement was mainly riding on a train.


  1. As a former resident of nearby Lee (from whence my lovely bride came), I have to ask if you meant to write "Stockbridge", not Stockdale? -- TG

  2. You know it! Thanks TG - sorry for the Berkshire faux-pas. Fixed.


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