Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 4.277: ...and all my pretend friends

We recently had a very unusual trip to the mall. It wasn't unusual because of what happened there - it was just unusual that we were there.

As we walked through Sears, this caught our eye:

The reason is that "Haggar" or at least some phonetic representation of that name has been a big part of our life for the last couple of years as the name of E5N1's chief 'pretend-friend'. There are quite a number of them: Hoogie, Cowboy, Q, Bulp as well as, confusingly, ones that share the names of family members.

Although they loom fairly large in his life, he has never suggested to us that they are real, they are simply his pretend-friends. When we went to the UK, Haggar came with us - well not actually with us on the plane it turns out. Of course not - he travelled by pretend-plane.

He has in the past suggested that Haggar is not only very large, but also relatively old - although perhaps not old enough to have been established in 1926.

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