Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Day 4.268: Blue sky on a rainy day

On Saturday afternoon, after our wet and chilly but fun trip to the Norman Rockwell Museum, we succumbed to a rainy day activity.  This jigsaw (from the Ravensburger Family Fun range) did the trick nicely.  It's made up of three interlinked areas, each made from a different sized set of pieces.  You can just see that the kids have taken one of each size out of the finished puzzle above.

It was great and kept everyone's attention longer than any single-sized puzzle could have done.  E5N1 started on the biggest pieces and later swapped places with Exile #4 who had started on the middle-sized pieces.  Exile #3, Exile #2 and I mainly worked on the smallest pieces and eventually the whole thing came together.  Very satisfying.

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