Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 4.266: Turn over an old leaf

When I arrived home from work, E5N1 was busy in the backyard.  "I'm collecting beautiful leaves!" he told me and led me up to the table on the deck to show me.

I turned over a few that had ended up the wrong way, but he was concerned, "Where is the white one?"  I was now concerned that I had turned one that I shouldn't have but he assured me it was white on both sides.  Sure enough we found it on the floor and restored it to its place with the other 'beautiful leaves'.

And now, inevitably, my thoughts turn to raking...


  1. Beautful leaves indeed...and now also on a pc desktop in Cambridge. Thanks E5N1 :-)


  2. I'm sure he'll be delighted they are immortalised (for a few days at least!) on the other side of the Atlantic. The real arrangement was rained on in the night to his brief distress.


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