Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 4.275: Botanical!

After our train ride on Saturday, we visited the Berkshire Botanical Garden. We'd driven past it during its incredibly busy harvest festival on the previous weekend, but it was a much more manageable prospect  as we arrived to eat our picnic and see the gardens and the exhibition of treehouses which is about to close.

Here are four of the tree houses (including the house with trees in it) along with some flowers and a shot of E5N1 playing in the children's garden:

And here is my favourite garden - a rock garden made from a single rock!

We also saw a bald eagle circling overhead making good use of the thermals that were in good supply thanks to our little October heat-wave.

It's really a very cool place - with lots of interesting areas to keep the kids interest - not what you might expect from its rather stern name and austere website.

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