Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 6.114: May the 4th be Derby Day

E5N1 was pretty excited when he heard about the "May the Fourth Be With You" event at a local library a few weeks ago. It appealed to his interests and his goofy sense of humour - so there was no avoiding that. In the end he and Exile #4 entered a competition each and they spent a pretty good hour or so doing various Star Wars activities while Exile #3 settled down with a book.

In the early evening, we were invited over to some friends for a Kentucky Derby gathering. Grilling, sitting outside, a few mint juleps and ten minutes or so gathered inside to cheer on fairly randomly selected horses in one of the shortest races I've ever seen.

We had to reflect on the differences with the only horse race that most British people that know nothing about horse racing watch each year - The Grand National - and have to say that that a two minute flat race is a whole lot less stressful to watch than a 9 minute steeplechase!

It was a lovely evening - we sat outside until it got dark around 8.30pm, and the company of 8 adults and 11 children was very convivial.

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