Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day 6.121: Weeds and creeps

It's been a bit of a rainy day, but we managed to all get out of the house twice. First time was to do some weeding. The kids were set to work removing the wild garlic from the bottom of the back yard - they (mostly the girls) filled a bin and a half to add to Exile #2's earlier haul.

Meanwhile, Exile #2 and I found ourselves attacking some Virginia creeper.  I quite like this plant - it climbs and forms impressive Tarzan-friendly vines in the trees without apparently bothering them.  It has fairly plain foliage but it turns bright red in the autumn - often at a different time than the trees it is climbing in.  Today, however, we discovered a vast network of it creeping - rather than climbing - for the most part through or just under the grass in the lawn forming a circle at least 20 ft in diameter around its main vine.  Pulling it up proved rather satisfying and a little addictive once we started - you can see our harvest in the black bin just behind the ones the kids filled above.

Our second trip was a walk to the library where I picked up the two sequels to The Hunger Games which I am currently thoroughly enjoying after a recommendation from Exile #2 and Exile #3 who have both read the whole series.

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