Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Day 6.118: What's wrong with these pictures?

Two mysteries from work today.
  1. How did my keyboard come to look like this?  Yes - that is really just an unedited photo of it. It's surprising that I'd never noticed until today - having been using it for many months.
  2. What is the possible use for a "Men/Women w/ "Rest Room" Sliding Panel sign?  It's pretty clear that you can slide the "Rest Room" piece so that it either reads "Men - Rest Room" or "Rest Room - Women".  I'll clarify for my non-US readers that Rest Room is a euphemism for Toilet (which is in itself effectively a euphemism, but let's leave it there).

    I am at a loss to think of a way in which this could ever be useful or a good idea.  Maybe one of you can (but you'll need to persuade me)?
Please let me know if you can make any sense of them!

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  1. Many years ago I sang in a choir concert at a Masonic lodge. Normally an all male building, there were only Men's toilets. Clearly wishing to be hospitable and accomodating to the female members of the choir, some of the toilets had been specifically redeignated 'Women', with appropriate changes to the signage. Our choir master took due note of this, and much to our amusement was keen to point out the "ambidextrous" toilets. Made me laugh for the rest of the evening!



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