Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day 6.325: A tradition in four parts

When I suggested that, if pushed for time, we might just buy a Christmas tree rather than cutting our own today, I was met with widespread dismay. I hadn't realised that it had become such a tradition but looking back I see that we have done it the last three years in a row - with the added bonus of a pop reference that - including this reveal - has spanned four posts separated by nearly three years:

Day 3.328: The first cut (won't hurt at all)
Day 4.328: The second only makes you wonder
Day 5.327: The third will have you on your knees

Fortunately today there was no bleeding and a minimum of screaming. If you don't remember Propaganda's 1985 hit Duel - here's a clip.

Here's the tree after we had hauled it back from the field.

It's now "up" in the house although resisting the vertical apparently since my departure back to Maine. We didn't get to decorating it - maybe Exile #2 will send me a picture when it's done!


  1. Wow, a post 4 years in preparation! That's dedication.



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