Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 6.331: A run in the snow

I wasn't expecting to write a sister post to my horror story from yesterday, but at least it was a good one today!

We'd been warned of snow. In the end there was a good coating - maybe an inch in a few places. I tied my Yaktrax to my high vis vest in case I needed them along the way and set out (I didn't use them in the end although I thought about it a couple of times).

The route I'd planned took me first to Mackworth Island, where we visited as a family back in early November. I took one of the same photos to capture the snowiness.

Just before I took that I'd added red fox to my mental list of "Animals that look amazing on a snowy day" having seen one cross the trail ahead of me.

Here's the view out to sea from the same spot.

Later, I ran up to the old city landfill and through the woods behind it:

As you can see it was quite a different experience from yesterday's - despite similarly muddy conditions.

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