Monday, April 15, 2013

Day 6.095: A marathoner's thought...

I planned to post about yesterday's second appointment: E5N1's birthday party, but that will have to wait for another day.

I was not in Boston today. My marathon time last year would have needed to be nearly 30 minutes less for me to achieve a qualifying time. I was safely at work.

Safety is something you think about a lot as you prepare for a marathon - safety from injuring yourself while training, safety from over-doing it on the day, getting too hot or too cold or too dehydrated, maybe even traffic safety getting there or getting home.

Not this though.

Not my photo! It is by Flickr user hahatango. The full set is here.

So easy to imagine myself amongst those running down that road - my friends and family trying to find a spot to watch from - all concern for my welfare and then happiness at seeing me nearing the finish.

So easy to imagine, and yet unthinkable too.  My thoughts and prayers are with those for whom that was a reality today and for all who were affected.


  1. Our first thoughts on hearing about this on the UK BBC News last night was whether you might have been caught up in it all; very glad to hear that you weren't.
    - A/B, C & D

    1. Thanks - I'm still finding it hard to think about it. I hope the whole alphabet are doing well!


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