Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Day 6.083: Yes we can!

On Sunday, we took advantage of the State Museum's new-ish opening hours to go and see the Canstruction exhibit - this year's theme is "Can you imagine?". As on our last visit (two years ago it would appear), we went equipped with cans to vote for our favourites (and as donations to the food pantries where all the cans - both in the artworks and the voting bins - will end up).

These are the ones that got our votes (or narrowly missed):

Clockwise from top left: one of two world-peace themed ones, a maximising machine (you might need a closer look), the penguins (left over from last year's zoo theme perhaps, but swimming in bottled water which is genius), a leprechaun with a great Pringles rainbow and pot of gold and the Wizard of Oz themed one with a tornado, yellow-brick road and Emerald City.

I love the way they did the facial features on this one:

And this one really captured the 3D/2D nature of the game perfectly I think.

They are well worth a visit to see them in person - and don't forget to take a can to vote!

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