Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 6.090: Montréal Science Centre

Here are some pictures from our visit to the Montréal Science Centre last Friday - most of the time I was too busy having fun to take photos!  Once again, we benefited from it being a normal work day for the locals. There were some school groups there, but generally things were quiet enough that we could move at our own pace.  In reality, we could probably have spent a couple more hours there before we would have run out of exciting things to do.

Pictures anti-clockwise from top left:
  • E5N1 put on a show for Exile #2;
  • meanwhile, the girls were playing an excellent video game trying to solve the world's economic, political and environmental problems
  • avoid the dragon's gaze if you can (it has a concave head but even when you know, it's still eerie); 
  • turning E5N1's dance moves into a James Bond credits sequence
  • my 'drawing' of Exile #3 was actually one of the better attempts to make a photofit picture of ourselves and each other - amazing how you can think you've got all the parts close, and it still looks nothing like the person you're basing it on)
  • how many E5N1's is too many...?

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