Sunday, April 14, 2013

Day 6.094: Dashing?

It was the Delmar Dash today - its 25th Anniversary running no less!  Unlike last year we did not all make it down there, but Exile #4, E5N1 and I all ran in different races.

Despite expecting the worst due to my irregular running schedule so far this year (two trips to Korea and a month basically off to do some creative endeavours), I managed to beat my time from last year by a minute (not bad improvement over five miles).

E5N1 ran the quarter mile rather more convincingly than his half-mile run last year and Exile #4 ran a very well-paced half mile and finished 8th in her field of 25 or so.

Exile #4 took the photos of me!

Once again it was a very well-organised and fun race.  We were nearly caught out because they didn't have childcare unlike last year (or I didn't find it!) fortunately, we bumped into a non-running friend at the vital moment a few minutes before the start.  As ever, I am very grateful to the many volunteers who make these races possible - I even managed to croak out a "Hi!" to Jen who was expertly dealing with some traffic at her assigned intersection as I passed her around mile 4!


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