Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 6.110: January to April running update

It's been an uneven start to the year running-wise for me.

January was fine in context, I ran 43 miles (averaging about 10 miles per week). Not what I was aiming for, but winter is difficult and I spent some time traveling.

During February, Exile #2 and I did a musical project that kept me up late at night and really affected my running - I only managed 24 miles including a two week gap.

March was another traveling month, but I started to get back on the right path, hitting 49 miles.

April has been better again - 70 miles - even with another international business trip.

And now... I'm ramping-up the miles again ready to start the easiest of the very intense training programs in here:

Last week was a 25 mile week, the plan is to ramp up to 30 or 35 miles before the 18 week training program starts in June.  All being well I will be in good shape to run the Mohawk Hudson Marathon again this year in October.

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