Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 6.104: Dangerous German

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Or in my case a little German. Twice so far on this trip I have pulled out one of my German phrases only to apparently convince whoever I'm talking to that I can actually speak the language. One time this happened we'd actually started the conversation in English and the phrase I used was only one word (in German at least!)

I left Dortmund a couple of hours before kick-off and am now in Braunschweig for a little less than a day.

I drank a huge beer and ordered some schnitzel to celebrate.


  1. Didn't it come with noodles?

  2. Actually, although it came with the hugest pile of fries I've ever seen - there were also some noodles in the salad you can see on the left - and yes I did think of that song at the time!


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