Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day 6.108: Cars and other achievements

This morning, all three kids took part in the youth-service at church. The service was entirely led by the kids of the congregation from Kindergartners to High Schoolers. Exile #3 rang a bell, both the girls led a call-and-response and all three of them took part in a song/dance of Simple Gifts. It was actually pretty great and some of the older children were extremely accomplished in music and public-speaking.

In more mundane matters, there has been a lot of Lego activity since E5N1's birthday bonanza of sets. The last couple of days have seen a lot of car design.

Here are Exile #4's, mine and Exile #3's from the first challenge and then the team effort in the biggest car challenge - accompanied by E5N1's special tiny car addition.

I should point out - because it was pointed out to me - that, of course, the Ewoks and skeleton horse on the sides of the large car are statues because - unlike the rest of it I suppose - they are not real things.

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