Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day 2.190: Only one

Numbers are featuring heavily in E5N1's world at the moment. Yesterday a man asked him how old he was and he happily held up five fingers. After a little discussion, he acknowledged that he was two, but could not work out how to hold two fingers up.

Later on the walk at Five Rivers he walked up to some other trail users and held up ten fingers, saying "I'm two!" presumably he was only counting thumbs. Come to think of it, when asked to actually count something he tends to just say "two, three, four, five," without undue (or even due) reference to the objects in question.

None of this relates to today's title. Rather I was musing on the ease of blogging on days when I only have one presentable picture from the day's activities. Too many and I have to decide what to use, none and I have to dip into the back-catalogue - which is even more to choose from. I actually took four pictures to preserve this piece of my driveway artwork, but in the other three E5N1 had his finger up his nose. I thought I'd spare you that.

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