Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 2.197: This: aim, deep water, at you

We had fun at a little pool-party this afternoon with our church friends. Hopefully this week we will finally get our permit to use the new building for our gathering. Exile #3 decided that now she can swim (a few yards at least), she might as well learn to fly:

It didn't go too well, but at least she can swim!

E5N1 had fun with this pump-action water gun:

His wicked look made it clear that he knew exactly what he was doing when he could otherwise have pleaded the two-year-old exemption.

As it was, he got as well as he gave:

I was shocked to see that the last pop pun to be solved was number 96. that means the last five in a row have gone unanswered. Can't you see I try - writing these pop puns is hard. I wonder how this one will go...yes it's pop pun 102 for title watchers: I don't see and I don't feel but tightly hold up silently my hands.

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