Friday, July 3, 2009

Day 2.174: Let's Explore!

Seven of us climbed in the van and drove up the Northway to Glens Falls today. We had a pleasant walk around, a quick lunch and then settled down to a good few hours of child-centred fun at Explore!. It's not an easy place to describe, so I will try to give you a taste of it through some pictures.

E5N1 at the water-play area:

All three on (or near) the climbing tower:

Two pirates on the pirate ship (note the tunics!):

Two damsels in distress in the castle tower:

A close encounter with a painted turtle:

...and something fishy:

It was fantastic! By the time we left we were all quite tired.

I have a couple of videos to upload as well as some pictures from around the town but they will have to wait for another day.


  1. Wow - what a great place! N

  2. You're right, it is a great place - despite the fact it's just a fairly small store-front in a fairly small town. Actually, maybe that's why!


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