Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 2.199: Old-fashioned CD player

Exile #3 was rather pleased with herself when she got this record player to play some music. "I made the old-fashioned CD player work!" she declared. Yes she really did - way to make your Dad feel old!

Today was day two of the girls' latest round of swimming lessons. Exile #3 is really gaining confidence and seems on the edge of a breakthrough that would get her swimming sustainably without floatation aids (she is limited to about 20 feet at the moment) and Exile #4 is also doing very well. One more lesson tomorrow and then three next week. While they've been doing that and Exile #2 has been needed pool-side to be on hand for her 'pre-schooler', E5N1 has been in the crèche having a ball (or a car) by all accounts.

All of which reminds me that their Exile-names come so naturally to me know that during a conversation about the kids at work today I thought twice about using their real ones. If anyone catches me making that mistake please feel free to slap me! Gently.

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