Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day 2.196: Art Nintendeau

Once again, we managed to spend six happy hours at a museum today. This time however, we had no need to get our money's worth as our trip to MASS MoCA was virtually free thanks to a family pass checked out from our local library on our way out this morning.

We did invest some time in travelling there - through the corner of Vermont to get to northern Massachusetts. We also spent some money in the cafe (resulting in the happy smiles) and made a contribution for our visit to Kidspace - an art gallery crossed with an art class for kids which was marvellous. Their current exhibition is of art made from other people's junk.

The main exhibits were a hit too. We all enjoyed Sol LeWitt's wall paintings and Guy Ben-Ner's film art including some epic movies filmed in his kitchen. Exile #2 singled out the Nanjing Particles and I loved the emotional roller-coaster of These Days: Elegies for Modern Times - especially Sam Taylor-Wood's works.

Here's a wonderful moment from Kidspace, when the little drummer boy encountered a load of Nintendo 64 game controller rumble-kits wired together to play an old drum in the corner of the exhibit.

At first he's not too sure, but he can't resist for long.

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