Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day 2.172: The 'head at the Pillow

As usual, we spent our Wednesday evening watching dancing - but this week we were not at home watching So You Think You Can Dance on TV but in Massachusetts at the ballet.

About a week ago I saw an advertisement for this dance event - the combination of contemporary dance and the music of Radiohead could have been designed just for us - I certainly doubt that there are many people in the area who have much more of a combined appreciation for these things. So, we booked up a babysitter, booked up some tickets and waited for today to come around.

The venue was 60 miles and about an hour's drive away (mostly on the NYS Thruway and the Mass Pike) and was quite unusual and spectacular both inside and out.

We were very happy to be there and both the dancing and the music were wonderful. 'Juliet' was a huge presence (even when just walking across the stage) but the six guys were also fantastic - especially when they all danced together.

And since we had such a nice time (and such a multimedia experience). I will share a little of it with you through the magic of YouTube. First my clothing dilemma and then two clips of the ballet.

Wonderful - as some of you may agree!

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  1. Now that is pretty cool! Are they coming to the UK?


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