Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 2.171: Cat swallows wax

I pretty much promised you some birds from our Five Rivers visit. Here they are:

Gray Catbird - one (maybe this one) kindly put on an excellent display of cat-like mewing for us.

gray catbird

Some swallows - this picture came out better than I hoped but I'm still not sure if they are young Tree Sparrows or Northern Rough-winged Swallows or even Bank Swallows...


This, however, is definitely a Cedar Waxwing. Its waxy wing feathers are clearly visible and what about that yellow stripe - zingy!

cedar waxwing
I even managed to catch some half-decent in-flight shots.

The work-week can be a barren time for the daily-blogger - which encourages me to get out at the weekend (good) and to spend the whole walk looking through the viewfinder (less so). Now - let's hope something of note happens tomorrow...

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  1. Like the pictures and look forward to seeing the real things before too long.



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