Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 2.152: Five take two

I am five!
It was the second fifth birthday of the Exile today. Where Exile #3 went back on Day 161, Exile #4 has now followed.

The day started with pyjama-clad present opening. As ever Exile #4 seemed genuinely delighted with each thing in turn.

dress book
dress house

Then we sent them out onto the deck to discover our late-night construction - which got the reaction we were hoping for:

swing-set!And then a well-it-is-your birthday dispensation to go and try it out bare-footed and night-clothed.

I spent the day at work since we have delayed our birthday day-out until tomorrow due to the weather forecast (fingers crossed we made the right call!) When I got home it was time for cake...

cake...and some more swinging!

still swinging
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  1. Happy Belated Brithday to Exile #4!!! I can't believe she is really it that long since you were Exiled?!

    J is now nearly 3, which seems to have flown by too!


  2. It's two years and 155 days - but I know what you mean. Obviously we've missed being a part of a lot of stories (like J growing up!) back 'home', but we've traded them for these stories which is bittersweet of course.


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