Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 2.168: Many Can Gothic

I spent seven hours or so painting again at our new church facility today, with only a few momentary breaks to take pictures - including this tribute to American Gothic, and a few minutes to eat lunch. My body is grumbling now - I suspect its saving the real complaining until tomorrow (or even - as happens increasingly now - the next day).

The colour scheme that Exile #2 put together during a walk-through yesterday came together very well, but many of the surfaces - like the old brick-work in the picture - were heavy work and slowed us down quite a bit. We used six different paint types in the end. Exhausted at 7.30pm, I left J and T (pictured) with most of the brush and roller cleaning still to do - no wonder they are looking so cheesed-off with me (sorry guys!).

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