Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 2.160: Between rock and the cards

It was Rock Band night tonight - the regulars who weren't camping in Maine were joined by these summer migrants (they spend winter weekends at a ski resort) for a fun evening. We called a halt at 11 pm to allow time for getting some jobs done ready for tomorrow's birthday and party and to allow the kids to get a decent rest - they claim to sleep through the sounds of rocking, but we're not always convinced the next day.

Kindly, when it was time to put the guitar and the microphone down, B&C offered to help and ended up putting in a good hour of cake decoration and present preparation before they finally excused themselves.

Hopefully we will manage to pull everything together tomorrow. Exile #2 is starting with a migraine this evening and we're expecting rain, so it may be an interesting challenge.

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