Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 2.170: Green-red-green

Today, Exile #2 took 'my' little car to have its annual inspection. I'm happy to report that after all its problems, it passed without intervention for the second year running. While waiting for it, she took the kids to have their tea at a nearby 'family restaurant'. The waitress came over to see if the girls need a refill of their drinks. A few minutes later E5N1 decided it was time to investigate this phenomenon - as she was passing he lifted a hand to get her attention and then launched into: "Ree baa izz umm an a tuk erm ur - more joooss" holding up his not-yet-empty-cup. Who could resist?

Pictures are from our walk yesterday. Also seen: various birds (maybe for another day), snapping and painted turtles and, as announced proudly and loudly by E5N1 to some passers-by who asked if we'd seen anything, a BLUE BUG!

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