Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 2.150: Vending taboo

Exile #2 and I went to the movie theater tonight to see Terminator Salvation. We had a great time with friends - dinner and a good film - not great but good. Plenty of action, a good story, not quite enough substance for my liking, but the special effects were very cool of course.

I spotted the traditional 'personal products' vending machine in the "men's room" - but was slightly surprised that it was stocked with candy and painkillers rather than the 'difficult-to-find item' of yesteryear - maybe they're just to easy-to-find now to make it worth stocking them here. Or maybe everyone just has a headache, or bad breath, or both.

There was one 'taboo' item however - your three quarters could buy you a pack of 'taboo tattoos'.

Youthful rebellion is not quite dead - but like Arnie it's not really the all-action hero it once was.

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  1. I'd say you're lucky that the locals didn't take extreme offence to someone 'not from round here' happily snapping pictures in their mens' room!!


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