Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 2.143: Careful now!

Exile #3 was off school again today but seemed almost entirely well by the end of the day, so we're hopeful that she can get back to normal tomorrow.

Just over a week ago E5N1 (pre-haircut) had a lot of fun dropping shells into this bucket - but were we being bad parents by letting him near it?

A closer look at the side of the bucket suggests that we probably were:

I'm not convinced that the picture is very convincing at communicating the message "Children can fall into bucket and drown" - there's no way that child is going to get wet. In any case E5N1 survived the experience unharmed (in case you were concerned).

While we're talking about warning signs, today at lunchtime regular contributor locals grinned pointed out that there was something fishy (or should I say cheesy) about the vegan wrap at lunchtime (thanks locals!).

If you're wondering about the title I was thinking about this (Viewer Discretion is Advised!) "Father Ted: Down with this sort of thing!".

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