Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day 2.119: Pea terror under wool fish

We had a mostly stay-at-home day. Exile #2 did some pruning, I cut the grass and the kids had a good amount of outside-time before the promised thunderstorms arrived very suddenly and left again just as suddenly after about five minutes.

At some point I caught Exile #3 playing this violin and dreaming of being brave (action for blogspot mouse-overers).

E5N1 joined in getting all Sarah-Palin-in-a-helicopter on these makeshift timpani.

And finally I admitted that I had the making of an antagonist in the basement. Both the girls got quite satisfactory notes out of it. I managed a scale.

OK - it's no pop pun, but there is a little puzzle (with thanks to Sir Guy!).


  1. Is Sir Guy pro coffee 'F' ?

  2. Presumably Sir Guy would have written in Rushin' ? Would Odiogo man be able to cope?


  3. Some things can make you cringe, and some can make you cringe a lot!! (Not the sick bird from day 2.123, you understand, but pea terror is certainly up there). How do you do it!!?
    I'm glad you've found your horn - looking forward to hearing an mp3 of that famous one by Moat's Art.

  4. An Ill Wind indeed...


  5. Thanks for playing guys. In no way does my begging cheapen this!


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