Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 2.123: Classy call: emu sick

It's been a while since I took my camera out at waiting-for-the-bus time. This morning we had time, inclination and early-morning sunshine. I liked the results.

Thanks to locals for putting me out of my misery with Day 2.119's puzzle. If you want a last chance to solve it - go ahead I can wait.

Yes really - click on the link and read the post title out loud. Or have the Odiogo man do it for you! If you still can't get it - ask Sir Guy or locals to explain it to you.

It turns out that a trip with her class to hear Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf performed live has had a profound effect on Exile #3. Not only is she ever-so impressed with her French Horn owning father, but also is now listening to classical music on her bedside radio. I can't say whether her wistful looks are related though. I think she had a good line in those already.

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