Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 2.138: Upgrades

Since I wrote so much yesterday, I'll keep it to three little vignettes from my day today:

1) E5N1's haircut (before and after):

2) Exile #4 realises that truth is fluid:
Exile #2 (in next room): Can you get your lunch box out of the fridge please?
Exile #4: Of course - I'm near!
Exile #2 (mishearing): Oh you're already doing it, good job!
Exile #4: (muttering)No...I'm...(cogs whir - how to explain? - moves towards fridge)...I...(light goes on - literally and metaphorically!)...Yes - I'm doing it!
Exile #2: Great!

3) An unexpected email:
A Facebook application that gives you a virtual fish-tank on your page that friends can fill with fish announces a slight change of direction:

"My Aquarium's name and functionality will be changed next week to SpeedDate."

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