Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 2.121: Hike 'n' pond

It's a rather nice view - that's for sure. This was our destination on Sunday morning for a Mother's Day walk. Getting there was quite an adventure. If only we'd read the advice on their website:
Dyken Pond Road is a dirt road. Don't get discouraged. We're at the end of the road!

we might not have been so distressed by the two and a half miles of storm-damaged dirt track we had to use to get there.

When we did arrive, the advice on which trail to take was a bit more straightforward:

We did as we were told and found not only the view above, but some stumps to sit on nearby.

As is so often the way with these places, most of the trails are nowhere near the water that give the place its name. I think we will go back and explore in the opposite direction. Assuming the suspension shows no ill-effects from this trip that is.

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