Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 2.140: A bit of carpentry

So today was the day I was supposed to have been working in Florida and instead was at home. Maybe it's just as well, I have been significantly off-colour - sleeping for the first half of the morning, only eating one meal and moving very slowly most of the day - although I did feel much better this afternoon.

You may be wondering who has been drilling a half-inch hole in the deck railing and why. I know I was. The answer is...this female carpenter bee.

I could actually hear her chewing away inside the burrow from the other side of the deck. Hopefully that means she had yet to lay her eggs and this will be the full extent of the damage.


  1. that's amazing. aren't bees meant too heavy to fly ? when you add to that the weight of a power drill it's a amazing they can even get off the ground.

    still, a little bee with a bit power tool is likely to have given her quite a buzz, though i suspect she'll sting you for the price of the electricity.

    sorry, that wasp a dreadful comment.

  2. I think you're pollen my leg.


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