Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 2.141: Seats seven (sometimes)

This afternoon Exile #3 was feeling unwell (probably in the same way that I did yesterday judging by her enthusiasm for mealtimes). Hopefully she will bounce back quickly - I have been basically fine today.

This afternoon I was up at our former church gathering location (the founders' rented house) helping get the stuff that belongs to the church out and to various temporary locations until our new gathering space is ready. To do this I had to remove the seats from the 'van' - which did not go as smoothly as it has in the past for reasons I don't fully understand. Fortunately on this occasion the usually hopelessly optimistic phrase from the Haynes home-workshop manuals, "Refitting is the reverse of removal" (seriously - this basically says - "I've helped you dismantle your car - as for putting it back together - you're on your own!") was true and I was even inspired to make a little film for you!

While all the seats were out I did a major clean out - even including a long after-dark vacuum cleaning session. It's like fishing around down the back of the sofa but more so!

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