Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 2.139: There, back again and...

E5N1 seemed so pleased with himself with his short hair and fancy jacket this morning. I thought he might be willing to pose and I was right - to an extent anyway.

Shortly after taking this I set out for the airport to get my 8.20 am flight. Everything went smoothly with picking up my boarding pass and getting through security. However instead of boarding the plane just after 8 am, they were calling in maintenance and in the end they cancelled the flight - because the plane's battery was flat.

Thanks to the random line shuffling that occurred after the announcement I ended up fourth in line to get my tickets rebooked. Still it seemed to take forever.

Right now I'm at home again with Exile #2, E5N1 and Exile #3, who is off school with an earache and visiting the doctor later. I leave for the second time in an hour or so. All being well, I will be in my destination late tonight, missing this evening's dinner, but in time for tomorrow's meeting. If things don't go so well I'll try and call a halt to this post before it publishes itself this evening and give you a more up to date travel report.

P.S. This is how it went down. I arrived at the airport in good time for my rescheduled flight. Only a few minutes late we all boarded the small and very full plane. Our departure was nearly derailed by a man in an exit row who didn't speak English, but that was dealt with and we had the safety demo, started the engines and then the flight deck announced that they couldn't take off due to storms in the NY metro area. We all got off the plane again, waited an hour and were then told that the flight would not be leaving for ANOTHER hour and a half. Of all the connecting flights people had, only one would be leaving late enough. It wasn't mine. I came home having secured refunds (I hope) for the flights and the hotel. So much for that!

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