Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 2.130: Spot the differences

Someone brought a calendar into work with a spot-the-differences puzzle for every day of the year. I thought I would rise to the challenge of creating one. I spent all of about 20 minutes on it, so it's not spectacularly good.

Anyway, here is E5N1 helping Exile #3 get ready for the bus this morning. Can you spot the nine differences? Comment your answers!


  1. Nothing like a spot the difference to get the brain going...

    1. Exile #3's hair bow
    2. Trampoline
    3. Leaf right of middle near bottom
    4. Window in garage
    5. Sign on lhs of garage
    6. Lamp on top middle of garage
    7. Car registration plate
    8. Zip on bag
    9. Twig to right of E5N1

  2. Full marks - I should have said there were ten to slow you down a bit!


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