Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 2.129: Skinny-ribs

A few weeks ago someone commented that E5N1 was out of diapers. No - he has on a diaper, but there's nothing much inside. He has no bottom at all. These nice long shorts are actually 3-6 month trousers. Yes they are really designed for a 3 to 6 month old baby. He's now 25 months old. Admittedly they are a little shorter than intended, but they are amongst the few pairs of trousers he have that will stay up without a belt. Even with these we have to pull the tie-string tight to keep them up.

Yesterday he was at school flirting with his middle-school girlfriends (13 or 14 years old) - insisting on being picked up so that he could give them big squeezy hugs. Today he went with Exile #2 to Exile #4's field-trip to a nearby playground and spent much of the time tearing around with the 4/5 year-old boys from her class while they 'went crazy' as Exile #2 put it. He's certainly a very different creature than his sisters.

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  1. Think you've got a small kid? We sent our Boy off to school today comfortably dressed in age 5 shorts and an age 3-4 T-shirt. He was seven last birthday. And no, these weren't American giant-kid clothes, but ones we brought with us from England nearly two years ago...


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