Sunday, May 10, 2009

Day 2.120: Mommy's Day

It was Mothers' Day here today - unlike the UK, there is no historical Mothering Sunday to attach this celebration of Moms to here. The girls were very keen on the whole thing. During a brief outing yesterday we managed to arrange breakfast and lunch that we could prepare for her (we were already planning to be with our church friends for dinner this evening anyway). Here is breakfast and the menu that Exile #3 wrote for her 'Mommy'. You can play match-the-muffin!

All in all we had a very nice day including a short walk at a new trail location (more on that another day) and Exile #2 certainly did less work than usual, especially in the kitchen. We didn't quite achieve our stated aim of preventing her from doing anything for us, but at least we tried.

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