Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 2.126: Blow wind, blow!

This morning Exile #3 made Exile #4 a kite by tying a petal to the end of a ribbon. Not surprisingly, it was not a great success when it came to flying it, but it reminded Exile #2 of the tiny kites we had somewhere and soon Exile #4 was flying one with gusto in the gusty wind. Sorry.

This afternoon, I took Exile #3 to the mall for a birthday party while the other 3/5 went to a different birthday party. Ours finished at the Build-a-Bear Workshop - something of a local institution (i.e. we've done well to avoid a visit until now) - where Exile #3 picked, named, stuffed and dressed a bunny now named Honey. Honey Bunny. Her friend called her bunny, Suckle. Bunny Suckle. Kids!

Here is the finished article.

And here is a video of how she came to be (watch out for the fluff-refilling and astonishingly speedy stitch-up at the end):

Considering I spent the afternoon in the company of twelve six-ish year-old girls, it was surprisingly OK!

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