Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 2.137: Collision!

Thanks to Google Reader I find that I can keep up with quite a few blogs without wasting too much time doing it. If you enjoy blogs and haven't tried Reader yet, I recommend it highly.

Some of the blogs I read are by people I know - local friends, the teachers at the school and friends further afield (please let me know if you think I'm missing yours!). Others are on topics that interest me, project management, software development (let's call them techie blogs) and people who are struggling with and through the same church and faith issues that I and our church are facing (let's call them theology blogs). A couple of the blogs I read might feature on two of these lists - friends who have techie or theology blogs.

A day or two ago I read a post on one of the theology blogs - a link to and comment on a blog I don't know. The post I read was good and got me thinking, but I did not bother to click through to the original post. Today, one of the techie blogs had a similar post linking to the same article. That's not something that happens very often. By the way, my additional comment to those is that people who say 'no' are not also doing well by themselves and their real priorities, but also often by the rejected requester as well - as a leader of responsibility takers, it is much easier to ask someone who I know has the confidence to say 'no' than one who will say 'yes' whether they have the time and energy to devote to the task or not.

What's really odd is that it happened again later today when this theology blog post referenced something that the School Principal's blog had referred to some time ago. I really must get round to watching the second half of that video clip!

The picture is from one of the whole-family activities we managed as part of our self-enforced quarantine over the long weekends. E5N1 has finally given up on instantly destroying whatever we put together, so we managed to play with a train layout and a Lego world the girls built to go with it for quite a while.

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