Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day 2.145: Processing status

One of the things that I have discovered through my involvement with the wonderful world of Flickr is the joy of post-processing pictures. Not that I have ever been afraid to lighten up a dark picture, crop one to give it more punch or even combine a few E5N1s to torment his sister, but there are so many other possibilities.

This week, a discussion in a group dedicated to the wonderful open-source image processing program GIMP brought together a technique involving GEGL, c2g and a color-mode layer (would you believe?). Anyway, it sounds strange, and sometimes looks pretty weird too, but here are two of my creations using it that I actually quite like (in a not-very-subtle sort of way).

Process and status - I pronounce then Pr-oh-cess and State-us, much as I try to use US pronunciation and spelling at work, changing these words remains hard to pross-'S'. The effect of this has been for the UK forms to find a foothold with at least one of my US colleagues - those particular ones just don't come up enough in 'normal' conversation to fight the infection I suppose.

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