Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 2.163: What a water baby

This picture was taken back on Day 2.155 - at this point E5N1 was refusing to get back in the water or to get dry and instead was just standing by the pool getting progressively colder and more shivery. He looked cute with the goggles on though.

Last night a friend and former colleague came to stay while passing through on a business trip with his new job. We had a couple of beers and most of a bottle of very nice wine. The conversation turned to our mutual friend, who died last week, on several occasions - but only with a measure of melancholy.

On a happier note, here is another picture (or three) of E5N1 in water-play mode. Exile #3's friends braved the cloudy sky and warm, but not hot temperatures to run through the sprinkler in their bathing suits on Saturday. E5N1 joined in rather less appropriately dressed, but with more staying power than the girls.

Click to see this bigger and to get the full impact of the wetness!

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